Dual Income Relationships

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There are many effects of two incomes on women, men marriages, and children. One way dual income effects men in that they are no longer the only person supporting the family financially. The book states that this often relives men’s worries about making money and even allows them to seek different employment or even go back to school. Women may find themselves experiencing role overload due to being in a dual income family. Role overload manifests itself due to the wife not being able to meet the demands of their roles as parent, wife, and worker. Another product of a dual income family is that the parents may find it hard to spend quality time with their children. Due to hectic and time consuming jobs, parents may struggle to find time to spend with their children. Dual income families can also affect the marriage. The text found that dual earner couples reported the highest marital satisfaction when compared to more traditional families. My father was the sole breadwinner while I grew up and my mother took care of the house. When my mother got a job, my father was overjoyed that he wasn’t the only one who …show more content…
There are many ways one can employ the superperson strategy when confronted with numerous demands. The most common way to use the superperson strategy is to skip doing smaller things so that one can focus on their work and family. The books examples of the superperson strategy include skipping lunch, choosing to sleep less, and cutting back on time to relax. It should come as no surprise that the superperson strategy can have negative consequences. The text references a study that showed women who employ the superperson strategy are more apt to report a decline in their own mental health. However, if one chooses to use the superperson strategy infrequently, then it may provide a person with more time to spend with their family after working as hard as possible. In the end, the superperson strategy could create more balance in one’s life if done in