Essay about Dualism: are the mind and body really insync or are they completely different entities?

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Dualism: are the mind and body really insync or are they completely different entities?

In a world in which the way we think and perceive is always being questioned, there have been a numerous amount of theories that ultimately try to explain the world around us. Some of these theories such as the idealism theory, the theory of a parallel universe or the identity theory that try to explain why things are the way that they are. One of the most well known theories often discussed by philosophers is the dualism theory. Although it is a concept that is very abstract and difficult to grasp, it is one of the most dynamic theories that discusses the relationship between the body and the mind. In this case, the theory stresses certain key points that further explain the mind-body problem. The dualism theory is a very thought-provoking theory which I will discuss different reasonings as to why I agree and disagree with this fascinating theory. For starters, this theory is mostly associated with Rene Descartes idea of the mind being a nonphysical substance. Dualists disagree with any idea that suggests that cognition and the body are insync or interrelated. I personally do believe that the mind and body are identical functions rather saying a soul does not have anything to do with the body itself rather it being a nonphysical substance. Basically, a unique mental state where the mind makes you the person you are. Like the dualists that base their ideas off of this theory, I do not believe that the physical trait of a person having a physical brain actually has an overall effect of who you are as a person. In other words, we all possess a physical brain, but ultimately have different ways of processing information such as how we feel, who we are and personality traits. For example, emotions and thoughts cannot be measured physically and are rather separate. Thus, the physical processes do not seem to really explain how a human can think as well as emotions and feeling that humans generate. One of the main reasons why I agree with the theory dualism would undeniably be due to my Christian beliefs by which I was raised by. Introspection is a big reason why dualism make more sense and be more logical to me. Also the destitute of vision would be one my major arguments that support dualism. How can something be physical if you can not see it? For instance, if your were to physically go inside a human’s brain you would not you be able to see actual physical work being generated in order to a claim it being physical. The way the mind works is not as black and white as seeing something and claiming its existence. The physical aspects of a body functions much like a machine, however the mind just controls it. If body and mind were both physical entities, then seeing the functions of the mind would be possible and measurable. When, in reality the mind is not tangible and cannot be measured as something physical. On the other hand, I understand that the arguments