Duality In Chronicle Of Death Foretold

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A human’s essence is judged by actions they have taken. People can be placed between a spectrum of Mother Teresa: white and Hitler: black, and everybody else is around the middle: gray. All humans have multiple aspects to their existence and Gabriel Marques Garcia captures human duality throughout multiple of his characters in The Chronicle Of Death Foretold, especially within the Vicario Family .Gabriel Garcia makes his characters like this for many reasons.So you have to look at all aspects of a person.It also shows the journalist point of view of there's two sides to every story.

The Vicario Brothers are nearly impossible to distinguish apart , but their personalities are polar opposites. It is common for the audience to confuse the
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She believed she could con her way out of it. This is proven by her and her friends discussion on how Angela can get Ramon drunk and pretend she is still a virgin. Not only is this immoral it is also manipulative.Then Angela decides to continue to torment Ramon letters repetitively and starts to obsess over him, when he is contemplating his existence due to her causing his plight.” Both sides bluffed only to be brought to together at the end of the story where they are out of shape and extremely less attractive. It only proves Pura right , love can be learned. Santiago death was not justified, not for the reasons presented. It is not actually know if Santiago had relations with Angela. It an excessive amount of time to remember Santiago name , enough her to be able to blame it someone. Even with her beating it should not take the long to remember the person she had relations with. It is also evident she never wanted to marry Ramon to begin with, and this was the perfect excuse not