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Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer, Inc.

Executive Summary Apple Computer was founded in 1976 and, a year later, released the Apple II computer which remained the major-selling product through 1985 In 1983, the company and cofounder Steve Jobs hired John Sculley as president. The Macintosh computer was introduced in early 1984 with impressive first year sales, although it was Apple II sales that carried the firm through the fourth quarter. By 1985, sales failed to reach projected planning levels causing profitability problems for the company and tension between the Apple II Division and Macintosh Division, led by Jobs. The relationship between Jobs and Scully was also beginning to strain.
Donna Dubinsky joined Apple as customer
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It was agreed the task force would report to Campbell and the executive staff would accept its recommendations.
The task force met over the next four months and met stalemate after stalemate as Dubinsky objected to Coleman’s proposals and morale sunk. In April 1985, Dubinsky was asked to attend a leadership experience intended to “break down barriers, to encourage communication and creativity, and to challenge participants to find new perspectives and new solutions to old problems.” During the seminar, Dubinsky recognized that everyone felt confused, demoralized, and critical of the company and believed this was a result of the rivalry between the Macintosh and Apple II divisions. On the second day of the workshop, Dubinsky directly challenged Scully during a presentation to which he responded angrily. During a discussion later in the day, Dubinsky came to realize the true importance of the distribution debate and that it could affect the fate of the entire company. She knew she had to take action.
Immediately following the workshop Friday afternoon, Dubinsky met with Campbell for an intense two hours during which time she acknowledged her previous blind spots and requested an additional 30 days to prepare her distribution strategy. She insisted that, because distribution was her area, she evaluate the strategy herself without interference of the task force. If Campbell did not agree to her terms, Dubinsky would leave Apple.