Essay about Dubliners and Gallaher

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Advanced Writing
Dream and Reality In “A Little Cloud”, a piece of short fiction from Dubliners by James Joyce. It narrates Chandler’s change through the meeting with Gallaher. Joyce vividly describes Chandler’s inner weakness and the responsibility in his family. This shows the readers he lives in a helpless world. On the other hand, Joyce also let reader knows why Chandler cannot become a poet. There are three reasons that why little Chandler cannot become a poet. Firstly, Chandler’s personality is too weak, secondly, Chandler already married and had a child, his responsibility about family make him has no energy to do other things. Thirdly, the environment in Dublin’s society is not supporting him to become a poet. Through the description of Chandler’s constrained attitude at ordinary times and his afraid mood when he walks alone on the remote way. This shows readers little Chandler’s inner weakness. “ But shyness had always held him back, and so the books had remained on their shelves ”(58). When he faces to his wife, he will be shy. Wife is most intimate person for him, but his shyness is excessive because he will be shy even he faces to his wife. People maybe feel nervous and shy when they first meet someone or something he does not know before. Only less people will be shy anytimes whatever they face stranger or closed people. These people is excessive shyness. Chandler belongs to excessive shyness group. On the other hand, he is also cowardly because he afraids of the darknees remote road when he walk alone. “ He chose the darkest and narrowest streets and, as he walked boldly forward, the silence that was spread about his footsteps troubled him, the wandering silent figures troubled him, and at times a sound of low fugitive laughter made him tremble like a leaf ”(59). As a adult, he is really afraid of darkness road that he choses. Brave kids even do not afraid of darknees, but he does even he is an adult. All the description of his personality shows reader he is too weak. Successfuly people have a common point: brave. They do not afraid of any difficulty they encounter. They work hard in order to their dream. Their personality are strong. Chandler’s dream is become a poet, but he never try to do that, just thought someone will find his ability and make him be succeeced. But waiting is not a good way to be successed, and opportunity never find people who is not ready. Secondly, Chandler has wife and son, as a husband and father, he has heavy responsibility. He needs to take care of his family, earn moeny for daily life. As a man, he is the pillar of the family. “ Little Chandler sat in the room off the hall, holding a child in his arms ”(67). As a father, he must take care of his son, that is his responsibility. Compare with Gallaher, his time is bound, Gallaher can go to the bar for fun, Chandler cannot. Gallaher can spend his money for himself, Chandler cannot. Gallaher has lots of time for his dream, his job, his enterprise. Chandler does not. Chandler needs to do somethings for family. “ Little Chandler had come home late for tea and, moreover, he had forgotten to bring Annie home the parcel of coffee from Bewley’s ”(67). Through this sentences, Chandler always bring the parcel of coffee to home. Joyce use the normal things to