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In Dubliners by James Joyce we are taken on a journey through fifteen fictional short stories that exemplify the life in Dublin through different situations. Many of the characters during this time have expressed one goal, to escape. Specifically Characters in three short stories face hardships that drive them to feeling like they have no way out. The desire to escape is hindered by the lack of money, family obligations, and daily routines. The boys from “An Encounter” Eveline, and Farrington from “Counterparts” all fail to follow through with their one dream, which is to escape.

Life in Dublin was nothing more than a mere regressing society. Money was limited and for the youth they had next to nothing. For the young boys in “An Encounter” acting out and simulating the Wild West gave them a way to escape and enjoy games after school. They in search of an excitement other then Indian battles take a day from school to venture off into Dublin. By venturing off they hope to escape their everyday obligations. While in Dublin they run into another harsh reality, they are approached by a man who frightens them. They realize that new experiences are not what they had originally believed it to be. The boys are again faced with the restraints of their obligations and must return home before school is let out.

Eveline faces the same desire to escape as the boys. Eveline is tied to her family, she simply can not give up her life due to family obligations. Although her