Duck Hunter Shoots Angel Essay

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David Rangel
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Theatre Arts
Duck Hunter Shoots Angel
The setting of this literary work varies between a swamp in Alabama, a convenience store in Alabama (Gasmart), and the office of The Weekly World and Globe. Sandy is the main character. He is sent out by his boss, Lester, the publisher of the tabloid The Weekly World and
Globe, to investigate and write an article about a recent event that has occurred deep in the state of Alabama. Sandy is a conservative man that strongly believes that his work is just “crap.” His story begins later in the play, but he ensures that he started off as a legitimate writer very early in his career. Sandy knows well he is not passionate about anything anymore, and it takes visiting a very familiar place to remind him of his upcoming.
As a summary of the play, Sandy is on a mission to find the source of the story of a pair of two duck hunters that have allegedly shot a heavenly being, an angel. He has a ticking clock to catch this story before the big news outlets get a grip on all possible coverage. As lost as Sandy feels in this environment, he unexpectedly finds a local Gasmart with a young lady named
Kansas. She conveniently happens to the double trouble duo that find themselves in such a situation. The brothers are scared as could be. These two could not hit a fly if it was sitting in the gun barrels, but one of them managed to shot an angel, a heavenly being considered to habituate solely as an illusion. Sandy and Lenny, his photographer, finally catch up to these two and offer them a once in a lifetime opportunity to make easy money. Duwell, the more caring of the two

brothers, decides he should talk to the angel and come to a peaceful agreement. In conclusion,
Sandy finds Duwell whom tells him that the woman and his happiness he left when he lived there still existed.
A big part of this play that I really enjoyed was the integrated sentimental connections and humor involved within the plot. Mitch Albom creates a gentle humor that will be enjoyed by any open audience. He occasionally uses stereotypes (racial, north vs. south, the pregnant wife insider) that keep up a warm, light environment. The sarcasm that should be clearly portrayed by each actor acts as segway between offensive and humoring lines.