Essay about Duke: Supply Chain Management and Information Systems

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Information System Proposal By Dennis Rodriguez UoP/XBIS 220 Facilitator: John Sallee

The purpose of Information systems is to get the right information to the right people, at the right time in the right format. By nature information system contains data and information in order to create knowledge. Data describes things, events and activities, information is organized data and knowledge consists of data and information that is processes to convey understanding. For our small, brick-and-mortar, nostalgic record store we are going to need information systems that allows our business to operate and function at a professional level.

Table of Contents

• Needs vs. Wants. • Operations • Working hours • Management duties • Inventory. • All aspects of Money.

It is important that we understand the information systems that we need in order to accomplish our goal. 1. Needs: Our needs make up our survival kit while our wants are the desires we have for non-essentials. With this said we are going to need a minimum of 2 computers and lots external memory. We have an inventory of record sales that we “need” to label for prices and items that the item could be pair with. We are going to need an office automation system to keep track of this idea. 2. Operations: 2.1 Working hours: Let me know what you think is best. [pic] 2.2 Management Duties: It is my belief that if we are going to be successful we need to encounter every obstacle hands on. We need to figure out all solutions to all the problems we encounter.

3. Inventory: We can use a supply chain management system to keep track of our inventory. We are also going to need a way to keep track of what we order and with whom we do business with, to accomplish this we can use an electronic commerce system. 4. Money: Of course we love our records but it will be nice to make money while working with something we love. We are going to need transaction processing system, to keep track of our sales. We are going to need payroll system (functional area system). This table will help describe the systems it strength and weakness. Please give as much feedback as possible.
|Information Systems for Store |
|System |Description |Strength |Weakness |
|Office Automation System |Supports daily work activities |For our purposes we will use |Not everyone knows how to use |
| |of individuals and groups |Microsoft office, mostly excel |this software. |
| | |to keep track of our prices, | |
| | |sales and inventory. This is for| |
| | |in house operation. | |
|Supply Chain Management System |Manages flows of products, |With our network we can use our |We are a small company. Wall |
| |services and information. |Office Automation System to keep|mart has systems like this. We |
| | |track of all products and |will have to create our own. It |
| | |information. |will be time