Essay about Dulux

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Task 1
There has been a new trend leading to increase in demand for broken colour effect paints. This demand for special effects paints was realized by ICI Dulux Trade Paints and they introduced a new product for fulfillment of demand for broken effect. Competitors of Dulux getting aware of market demand they also launched special effects paints and at cheaper cost to consumers. The entrance of competitor turned the sale of Dulux products down. As Marketing Consultant this is a report to Marketing Manager, stating the Marketing Audit, SWOT analysis, segmentation, branding and positioning. This report gives a brief idea to marketing manager about what are the weakness and how he can make his company overcome that weakness.
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Dulux can make deal with such companies of supplying broken effects paints for there projects. This would increase sales of Dulux and due to such big construction companies, Dulux can easily takeover the market.

* Retailers – Retailers are wide spread all around the markets. They have direct link with the final consumer of product. Retailers set there shops in the market area where there is demand for the product. Here customers have a wide variety of choice, where customer needs product of his own budget. Through retailers the product can be easily promoted and can convince customer to buy the Dulux product. Altogether Dulux itself owns around 130 outlets in UK which can easily promote the broken colour effect paints. Hence, this is the second segmentation that Dulux should consider to takeover the market.

* Distributors – Distributors plays an important role in supply chain and promoting product. The area in which distributors deals is larger than wholesaler and retailer. Distributors provide a number of physical act functions that increase the efficiency of the income of products from manufacturers to customers. So this can be the third segment for Dulux to promote and increase there sales.
(Blythe, J. 2008)

Task 3
Principles of Branding
Branding – This is a process through which a product is made branded. Branding of a product consist a composition of different aspects like name of brand, design or symbol for brand. Branding