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Favorites Almost automatically the human mind naturally selects who the better person is. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection - survival of the fittest, is engraved into our minds. So favoritism, from the beginning of time, always leans towards the person with more resources, tools, therefore leading to the upper hand. Many examples slip past us everyday because our minds almost instantaneously picks the person who has the upper hand to win; so we ignore the fact that it is even there. It is natural to have Darwin’s theory to take over and choose the upper handed man over the other. The “upper hand” - in the fact that the wages are heavier to his side and odds are in his favor due greater amount of preparation, resources, and powerful physique. Automatically, everybody favors the upper handed far more greatly than the regular skilled man. So let’s use the scenario of a new kid coming onto the track team. Let me remind you the track team at our school is very prestigious. If a new kid, who knows nothing about the program and everything he learns is so foreign comes on against veteran athletes from many other schools, the best at what they do, how do you think this new kid is going to do? Well that new kid was me. I was not even on the right page according to the coaches. New kid coming from playing baseball the previous years; what good could he do against the other athletes, right? I was not expected to do anything good. The stakes were, veteran varsity jumper VS new kid, who would you favor to win? The returner; jumps an average 6’ 2”, but at IEC, Inland Empire Championships, this short little kid got second place at a height of 6’ 1”. And, until the last height, lead the whole way clearing every height on his first attempt; the only person to do that. Ok if that doesn’t prove my point, if I asked you… In basketball, if two guys jump for a rebound, one guy stands at 6 ft tall and the other towers at 6’ 6”, who gets the rebound? Who is your first choice, 6’ 6” Pat Kunz, or 6’ Tony Soriano? Yes, My dad. In High School my dad was never supposed to be good in basketball. His freshman year he