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I read an article several years ago
This is how I start too many things
But this article was important to me now
And it seemed so at the time also
It was in a popular magazine
Not necessarily a respected professional journal
But the magazine was generally trustworthy and always
Demonstrated the best intentions
In this case it told me a theory of the multiverse which was
A little different from any I had heard
It described each individual stuck in a time loop endlessly
Repeating the same action or
Sequence over and over between
Two decision points or action points
I don't remember what they called them but
Like other theories of the multiverse
In this one each decision point spun off a new
Alternate universe only instead of
Individuals existing throughout an entire
Life cycle as we imagine it
In a single universe each individual was
Actually stuck in a tiny loop and
The illusion of a life span was created
By collective memories shared
Among different versions of
The same individual whose universes
Passed near each other or connected
At one of those decision points at
The beginning and the end of each loop
The details aren't important now and you don't need to be convinced
Because I was convinced of it's
Plausibility at the time and
My perspective is the only one here

Significant implications for the notion of free will aside
The other thing that struck me
Hardest about this theory was that
It allowed for future memories
Future memories
If memories is even the right word for
Memories from the future
The idea immediately appeals because
It could be a neat little explanation
For things like déjà vu and certain dreams
But the biggest implication I think is that it suggests that every daydream
All those beautiful little fantasies
The moments imagined
The purest our hearts have ever seemed
When courage abounds and
The demons sit powerless at bay
Each one could be real
All of those things
Could simply be possible outcomes
In some version of
The multiverse
Each one a future memory
A reality somewhere
Shared by a kind of
Collective conscience
When realities pass near each other
Or even connect
There's nothing imaginary about it
About any of it
And that brings me
To my point
Which is
How romantic is that?

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I Just Realized I Am Already Fucked

It’s a good thing
That in my mind I see
Change as growth
Adversity as character
Perspective as wisdom
And that I think
All of these things
Are probably the same thing
Because I just realized I am already fucked
And no matter what happens next
I will certainly have a chance
To work some of these ideas out

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Because Life Can Be Random But Art Never Is

Neither is there urge to fight, nor want to walk away
From where I didn’t mean to be but where I’ll likely stay
In hours days are measured, in time my value paid
Fortunes to another, fortunes all in play
There’s no such thing as meant to be
There’s only today
Tomorrow might be