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Dung Le
Pro. Jessica Wakelyn
ESL 58
Summary – Response Essay 2 - Draft 1
24 February 2015
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Pursuit of Happyness movie, a biographical drama based on Chris Gardner’s book with the same title published in 2006. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film features Will Smith as Chris Gardner, an on-again and off-again homeless, and Will Smith’ son as the Gardner’s son, Christopher Jr. Being an investor, stockbroker, Chris Gardner used to struggle with homeless while raising his son. It is accustomed to see Will Smith in the science fiction films or action films with most of the characters played hero roles; howerver, the character Chris Gardner in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness is entirely different.
The film is based on a true story of Chris Gardner, a celebrity in the United States stock market in early 1980s. In order to support his family, Chris Gardner sells medical devices called bone-density scanners which a disturbed man thinks it is a “time machine”. Chris Gardner is in a very tragic situation when he does not sell a minimum quantity – three machines a month. Chris Gardner’s family is shattered, and he cannot hold his wife to stay with him and their son. Even worse, Chris Gardner and his son are expelled from their rented home. Both of them have to stay at the subway station and sometimes sleep over night in the rest room. Things veer when he meets and shows a sensitive solving ability of a Rubik’s Cube to a recruiter who is a managers of Dean Witter Reynolds brokerage firm. After a lucky vacancy interview, Chris Gardner is invited to apply for an internship with this company. Although Chris Gardner has never graduate from any university or college education, with his enthusiasm and effort he win a highest score in the training of stock company. This event makes his life change to a new page.
The film is not only successful scenarios with determination, progressive spirit of a father due to his love for his son but also successful performance of Will Smith. The episode which is the best description as an exemplary father using his foot to block the door to shield his son sleep well. The film brings profound lesson to the viewers. A remarkable detail in the film is that Christopher tell his father a funny story. A man was drowning in the water, and a boat came by ask him if he need any help. He replied “Oh, thank you. God will save me”. Another boat came by and he also answered that God would save him. Then he drowned, and he went to the heaven. He asked “God, why didn’t you save me?” God said “I sent you two big boat, you dummy.” This story is not just a joke, but it is really a lesson. A lesson for those who believes in things far away can never reach. Those who do not know how to seize opportunity will let it slip away. In love the story is also a lesson…