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Dunkin Donuts vs. Starbucks The market strategy is a guideline that companies use to determine what product to sell, what price point to see it at, where to see it and most importantly the target audience to promote your product to . If a business does not research these key factors and market the product properly then the business will never meet it's full potential at being successful. In this forum I will be discussing how Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts handle each marketing factor. When looking at the the websites of each company and making a visit to their retail locations it is clear what product they are selling and how different their target audience is. Although both locations sell coffee, they offer their audience a different experience. Starbucks is more geared towards business professionals, college students or stay at home parents. Thier target audience will stops in the location to get a caffeinated beverage and sit down to enjoy it while catching up on emails, studying or meeting with other individuals to talk or take their beverage to go. Most of these customers will leave the register with nothing more than their beverage and a pastry.
Starbucks has the true Coffee house experience to its target audience. Where Dunkin Donuts target audience consist of working professionals, senior citizens, students of all ages and parents.
Their target audience will stop in the location or go through the Drive Thru for beverages, food and pastry items to take with them on the go for not only themselves but their co­workers, spouses and children. Although most seniors use Dunkin Donuts as their meeting spot to catch up with neighbors, family and friends. When comparing prices to the products being sold they tend to differ. Starbucks is more high end. Customers can easily leave the register with a beverage and pastry and spend close to
$10 for their order. Where Dunkin Donuts customers can walk away from the register with the same beverage and similar pastry and only spend close to $5. Both companies offer their