Dunkin Donuts Distric Manager Essay

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Dunkin’ Donuts
Joe Schmoe
MGT 330: Management for Organizations
Prof. Frances Marvel
March 11, 2014

Dunkin Donuts
As a district manager, many responsibilities come with the job. District management is responsible for virtually all the operations in the company with respect to the business goals that have been set out in the company plan. This is especially the case when the district assigned is a group of new area start-ups. District managers are responsible for the allocation of resources, hiring, training and managing teams. The roles of a district manager starting new Dunkin’ Donuts locations are no different yet they include the responsibility for a smooth start. These added responsibilities include job design,
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“Systematic recruiting consists of both internal and external sourcing” (Baack, et al., 2014). Opening new locations requires staffing in all positions. Internal sourcing will be used to fill key positions, such as team leaders and trainers, from a pool of well-experienced individuals from other already established locations. This process is two-fold: it facilitates the promote-from-within model as well as allowing deserving, qualified employees the opportunity to further their career within the organization. The remainder entry-level positions will be filled by the standard advertisement and unsolicited application External sources.
Choosing the applicant best qualified for a particular position is the goal of selection (Caruth, et al.,2009) and involves selecting the candidate that has the qualifications best suited for placement in the position. Referees and interviews are used most commonly used for selection. The interviewing process, factors such as first impressions, job misunderstanding, and personal characteristics can all be assessed to determine if an applicant is the “best fit” for the position. Other selection methods such as skill performance work samples, personality tests, as well as physical evaluations depending on the particular requirements of the job.
Training and Performance Appraisals
Organizations can increase their performance and