Duplicates Manifesto: being an identical twin Essay

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The Duplicates Manifesto
They say that everyone has a doppelganger, someone who looks just like them or something like that. Well I know mine unfortunately and luckily. Having a clone is, well I gotta be honest, pretty freaking amazing but it does have its down sides, for example the painfully repetitive questions every twin swears they’ve heard since birth. Here’s the answer to those questions.
Twins aren’t particularly a common thing so we’ll give you some slack on this question. Our annoyance is mostly due to the fact that, after years of being asked this, the only comeback we have is some sarcastic ‘’Naaaahh psshhhh, twins?! Us?!’’ ….or a defeated yes….
I truly wanna know why people feel compelled to know this. The case is probably that you touched a sensitive topic for the unfortunate younger twin who is abused by their older twin, they hold those mere three extra minutes of life over your head every second it benefits them. Yet, those three minutes loose signifigence when it becomes an inconvenience.
To be honest, this is a fairly, silly, question. Let me rephrase this question so you see what we hear when you ask us this. ‘’What’s it like to be alive?’’ I don’t know, like having a backup hard drive? Having a stunt double? A handy slave when you need one?
IF I HIT YOUR TWIN, WOULD YOU FEEL IT? try it and find out. I never have.
Now this isn’t a question, but its one of the most disturbing things…