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html head style typetext/css html, body font-family Open Sans, Arial font-size 11pt line-height 16pt @page size auto margin 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm width 2em height 10px display inline-block h1 font-weight 400 padding 0px margin 0 0 30px 0 h4 font-weight 400 font-style italic padding 0 0 15px 0 margin 0 0 30px 0 border-bottom 1px solid black /style /head meta http-equivContent-Type contenttext/html charsetutf-8 body h1Dupont Case Study/h1 h4by KayleeNebeker1 Opening Case Dupontbr / span classtab/span1.span classtab/spanWhat Big Five and leadership personality traits does Ellen Kullman possess Ellen Kullman is a great leader because she has many Big Five and leadership qualities. The first is surgency. This includes dominance, extraversion, and determination. She also has agreeableness, which means she has social ability and emotional intelligence. Ellen is also conscience. She has traits of dependency and integrity. The other trait Ellen Kullman has is openness. She has flexibility, intelligence and locus of control. All of these traits worked together with her self confidence, and how Ellen has become a great leader. 2.span classtab/spanDoes Ellen Kullman have the personality profile of an effective leader The book states the Ellen Kullman has the LMP ldquoLeadership Management Profilerdquo. She has the need for power, achievement, and affiliation. She directs all of these elements in a positive way. This shows hoe Ellen Kullman uses her personality profile to her advantage. 3.span classtab/spanHow did…