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During the 1500-1800's it was the era of Absolutionism, An era where only one ruler was in charge of the country. This ruler is called an Absolute Monarch, an absolute monarch is a king or queen who posses all power. Absolute rulers claim that their right to rule came from god which is known as divine right. During the age of Absolutionism the power of nobility and church was decreased, absolute rulers do not share their power with anyone. Some of the greatest absolute rulers are Louis XIV and Peter The Great.

Rise of Absolutionism began as a result of fighting over territory,religious conflicts and heavy taxes, which lead to peasants revolting. The king/queen then reacted to these by enforcing their rules and laws on them, which eventually brought them to more power. Another cause that lead to Absolutionism was the growth of cities and armies, to protect the country the ruler built a huge armies/troops who were paid by taxes collected from the peasants, the ruler increased taxes to pay the army. Some rulers even increased taxes to created palaces and a luxurious life for themselves such as Louis XIV.

Louis XIV abused his power as an Absolute monarch. He increased taxes to build the palace at Versailles. Not only that, he also decreased the power of the nobles by removing them from their councils and replacing them with intendants. Intendants were people who collected tax and communicated with the king regularly. Under Louis XIV, Jean Baptise Colbert the minister of finance believed in the theory of mercantilism, to prevent wealth from leaving the country he made france self-sufficient, he wanted france to be able to produce good for itself than relying on imports. Louis XIV also refered to him as a Sun-King, which basically means that he is representing god on earth which is similar to the idea of divine right. In order to gain political power and to keep an eye on the nobles, he order them to live with him in the Palace that way he knows they wont gain more power than him, even in power Louis XIV was hungry for more.

Another Absolute monarch who lived in Russia was amazed by the technology of the West. Peter the Great wanted russia to be as modern as the other european countries because he thought Russia