During The Middle Ages Essay

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During the Middle Ages, there was only one main religion in Western Europe, Christianity. This was led by the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Whether you were a peasant or a noble, people dedicated their lives to the church regardless of their social class. During this many events occurred that has shaped the religion millions of people pratice today.
In 313,emperor licinius and Constantine signed what was known as the Edict of Milan. This letter proclaimed religious tolerance in the roman empire. confiscated religiou property was returned owners and in turn churches were built as people had the freedom to practice their faith as they chose. This proclamation stopped the persectution of Christians and paved the way for Christianity to become a dominant religion.
The East West Schism which took place in 1054 where the Chruch had divided themselves into two branches; the Roman Catholics (west) and Eastern Orthodox (east). This great division was a result of differences from many years one of which was the Nicene Creed. The East Church objected the new wording of the Western church which stated the thr Holy Spirit had proceeded from the father and the son, whereas before it was only from the Father. This event created a new branch of Christianity h two groups grew to have different views and ideaol
In 1517 marked the start of the protestant reformation, a religious revolution that caused a split in the church. One of the greatest leaders of this Revolution was martin luther ions he had with their teach, an augustian monk who procuded a document