Essay on Durring World War 2

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During World War Two, only men worked in factories and on the front line. However things changed when the demand for more weapons and soldiers increased. War world two had a big impact on woman roles. It effected how woman lived their lives because of the new economic opportunities war world two introduced to the world. Women took over many important male roles in factories, and helping men with the front line, thinking it would lead them to a life of glamour. While the war continued, the need for woman in world war two grew. They were needed around the world to help allied countries as nurses and many other things. Women were a big part of World War two, fighting along side men.

Woman roles before World War Two were affected by the new economic opportunities. The “Wartime shortages opened up thousands of jobs that previously been held only by men”[1] , since most of the men went to war, they had to leave their jobs and someone had to fill in for them. Woman took their spots in war plants and worked in jobs as truck drivers and mechanics.[2] Clearly then, the need for woman grew around 1940. “Before the war, woman represented 25 percent of the labor force; by 1944, woman constituted 36 percent”[3] of the labor force. Women were a big part in World War Two and their roles in society were greatly transformed.

Woman took over male roles in world war two. Many women in Great Britain decided that they would work in factories making airplanes, ammunition, and also