Dust Bowl Effects

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I have choosen the Dust Bowl as my topic.Due to this, I will be talking about the cause and effect of the Dust Bowl; after the Dust bowl, and the effect it had on the Agriculture of that area. Now, the Dust bowl was a massive Drought that occured throughout the 1930s. This drought effected most of the Great Plains, or what we call Tornado Alley today. Some sources say that the Dust Bowl also effected Canada and Mexico; but that is divided among researchers. However, the Dust Bowl happened in between nine-teen thirty four, to nine-teen thiry seven.The Dust Bowl is also not just a "Natural Disaster" it was due to the misuse of the land that led to most of it, and I believe it was because of the poor Agricultural Techniques that led up to this.In general, my thoughts on the Dust Bowl is that it's …show more content…
Thousands of Farmers had to foreclose and lose their homes and propertys. Most moved to Urban areas rather than Rural in search of Jobs; this led to over population in most cities, causing the Great Depression to worsen even further.While I will not be going into the Great Depression further, as this paper is on the dust bowl; I will talk about the aftermath of the Dust Bowl, and how the survivors re-built. Re-building after the Dust Bowl; or rather the Great Depression I would say, was extremely hard obviously, even with government help it was still a struggle.People were barely scraping by to feed their families; and it was basically un-heard of to buy anything but the basics. Most people migrated to California;where people described it as "Acres of luscious farm land with exotic products booming such as Oranges." However they were treated extremely poorley, with most referring to them as "Okies" which ment
Poor White people.Some even met un-fortunate ends when the people of America didn't have enough money for medical attention.However,Most survived until after World War II; where America began booming and people were met with more money and