Dust Bowl In The 1930's

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As the thousand mile winds blew through the Midwest, many families fled to their tented homes trying to take cover. Without great protection from the fast winds of the Dust Storms, many people died or got a large amount of sand in their lungs causing them to become very sick. Many of the survivors of the tragic event wondered “how did we let this happen”.

After the lead of President Hoover, we knew we needed a new President to lead us out of the Depression, so we elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Although FDR created the New Deal Plan to help get us out of the Depression, worst things has come to ruin the lives of many Americans, The Dust Bowl. Leading up to the events of The Dust Bowl in the 1930’s there were some major contributing events that caused this incident that changed the history of the United States. This time was referred to as the“dirty thirties” as said in the U.S. history book, page 312. One major event was the terrible drought that cause the soil to be infertile and the grassy land to become desert like. The drought came in three waves, 1934, 1936, 1939-40, but some regions of the High Plains experienced drought conditions for as many as eight years.The drought of the Dust Bowl affected 100,000,000 acres of land centering in the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma and some sections of New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas.Many people
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history. Although this was a very hard time for many families, with the help of FDR, they survived the most horrific experience of their lives. The drought, along with taking away the topsoil and over exhausting to soil created the most devastating event in American history. Farmers needed a better life causing them to flee to California. Now knowing from our mistakes of the past, we know to rotate our crops and water our plants every day to not cause the events the happened during the Great