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Dutch Rescuers By: Ziona Kidd The Dutch were profound, uplifting people whose iron devotion to human caring compelled them to risk everything, to shelter, hide, and save the vulnerable.” Said David K. Shipler Pulitzer Prize winning author of, Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land. WW2 brought on difficult circumstances that forced the Dutch to make serious choices. Therefor there choices made a huge difference. Dutch Rescuers rescued Jewish people during the Holocaust Dutch rescuers saved and found hiding places for Jewish people during the Holocaust. The Dutch and Jewish intergraded very well, so most rescuers thought rescuing the Jewish was the human thing to do. A quote by Talmud sums this behavior up,” The whole worth of a kind act is the love that inspires it.”(Klempner, 85) Dutch that were not sure or afraid of getting involved got support from their local churches. Calvinist churches promoted the rescue and placement of Jewish adults and children. Therefore, the Dutch had unity in there people. Knowing what the Nazi’s were doing next was a important aspect for Dutch rescuers so they wouldn’t get caught saving Jewish people. Underground newspapers were one of the resources that rescuers used to find out information they needed. For example, “The papers said things like, don’t be fooled by them – they say they are here to liberate us, but they are stealing everything out of our shops.” Hetty Voute remarked. (Klempner, 21) To get away from Nazi propaganda some Dutch households hid transistor radios in attics and cellars, to listen to un-biased news. Heiltje Koolstra was one of the people to do this, she said,” We listened to the UK radio at night in our cellar to find out what was going on.” (Klempner, 53) During this time of chaos and violence Dutch had their communication underground.

Finding homes for Jewish onderduikers (person(s) in hiding) was an easy