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Duty of care
The practitioner’s duty of care is to care and protect the children at their setting and be in favour of helping the children with what they are not capable of doing. They must obey the policy and procedures that are at the setting and follow all of the rules made by the nursery manager. They must provide a safe, stimulating and fun environment in which the children are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.
It contributes to children’s safety by making sure they are protected by supervising them at all times, appropriate to their age, needs and development. Room checks should be done in the morning and evening for the safety of the children, which is part of the health and safety procedure. Appropriate activities are set up so that you don’t put children at risk of hurting themselves, risk assessments are done before the activity to make sure the activity is safe and won’t harm the children. All staff working with the children should be appropriately qualified and have and up to date DBS which is done every three years to ensure the right staff are employed to look after children. We also have a policy for children being picked up other than their parents/career who usually drops them off and picks them up, this applies to grandparents, friends or child minders, they must have a form of ID and a password must be given, made by the child’s parents/career and also the nursery must be informed of the password, for the safety of the children, the parents/careers must tell the nursery if they…