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BordersThomas King’s meaningful short story, Borders, entails a worried mother who displays strong feelings towards her ethnic background. Along with her daughter and son, she is a member of the native Blackfoot tribe whom possesses self-respect in her cultural identity. For this reason, when visiting her daughter Laetitia in Salt Lake City, she is asked to declare her citizenship at the border. Despite the continuous questioning from the border guards she neither identifies herself as Canadian nor American. As stated by her 13 year old son, who accompanies her on the trip he believes, Laetitia and his mother have a lot of pride in which he hopes to gain one day too. The mother keeps coming back to the border to still identify herself as Blackfoot. In the story the mother is also shown and stubborn and persistent. Through repeated questioning and drives between border offices the mother stood headstrong and replied, Blackfoot. After the first two times she was sent back. This time a women “Inspector Pratt” privately spoke to them about the situation. The inspector even explained how she would only keep the information between the two of them. The mother and her son stayed in the border office for four hours interviewed by at least everyone in the office when she refused to tell the women her citizenship. The fourth time around, another young women asked them for citizenship. The young women said she was quite fond with Blackfoot and that she had friends there, she even