Dying To Be Thin Essay

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“Dying to be Thin”

1. What is Anorexia?

Anorexia nervosa is a potentially life-threatening eating disorder. It is a serious psychological disorder. Anorexia is a general loss of appetite, or a loss of interest in food. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa have not "lost" interest in food; they have intentionally restricted their food intake because of the fear of putting weight and becoming fat.
2. What organs in the body can be affected by anorexia?

A.Skin can become Dry, flaky skin, sunken look to it
B.Heart can become Weaken, malfunction, miss beats, beat irregularly, stop, heart failure C.Lungs you start having difficulty to breathe D.Kidneys or Lungs Slow down or stop working altogether.
3. What medical conditions can be caused by anorexia?
Some medical conditions that can be caused by anorexia is low blood pressure, malnutrition, osteoporosis.
4. What are some reasons people develop eating disorders? Some reasons of why people develop eating disorders is because of depression, wanting to be and feel skinny, society, desire to be perfect, wanting to fit in, religious views, and conditions passed down in the family.
5. Which age group of women is most vulnerable to developing an eating disorder?
The age group of women who is most vulnerable to developing an eating disorder is 15-24.
6. Why are women at a higher risk for developing eating disorders more than men?
Women are more focused on their appearance than men because of society, and careers.
7. How does lack of nutrition affect the body?
Lack of nutrition affects your body through menstruation cycle, lacking hormones, crucial to the bone growth.
8. What is bulimia nervosa?
Bulimia is a serious psychiatric illness, an eating disorder in which the person regularly binge-eats and then tries to compensate for that behavior by over-exercising and