Dylan And Anfernee: A Short Story

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It was all worth it! August 5 2016, was a very fun,scary,night. Brody,dylan and I were just driving around bored in Harrisburg listing to music. We called some people and tod them to meet us at parker plaza so we can find something to do. We all Decided to go to walmart and get some soap and toilet paper. To go toilet papering. We a went to the high school and started waking. We ended up at the harrisburg football field, the gate was locked and i didn't wanna go the long way so i suggested we jump the fence. So i started to climb the fence when i heard someone say ‘i wouldn't do that’ i thought it was of my friends so i just said shut up. Once I actually looked it was a security guard and so i took off running with the group. We made it back …show more content…
Remember it's three in the morning and the park was closed.we all climbed over or under the fence and started swimming. We were having a blast jumping off the diving board and climbing the slide. Anfernee was about to leave for college so he wanted a picture to remember his last night in southern IL. the picture was for us and us only. A couple of days go by and my mom called me and said you better tell your friend dylan to take the picture off instagram, the cops soon called me after. He asked me if i knew why he was calling me, I said it's because my dumb ass friend posted a picture online of us doing something illegal. His reply was yes, i asked how much trouble we were getting into. The officer told me that if they were pressing charges that it would be a felony and going to jail. I was super scared at this point, So i called dylan and brody and told them. Dylan didn't believe me and thought it was funny. So the next day we all went to the owner's house and said sorry. She didn't like us to well and yelled at us. We went and worked at the pool that whole day. At the end of the day the officer told us we all had sixteen hours of community