Dylan Garity Short Story

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According to Dylan Garity “ when we were children, we were taught we could build anything. Why should growing up mean abandoning that truth?” As a child I lived in a technicolored world with my imaginary friends caillou and rosie when went on wonderful rules. We fought dragons over top of castles and saved the princess from their beast. We were always together no matter what happened. When I turned six years old they were still with me by my side laughing and smiling with me as no one else would then my brother started making fun of me and since he was bigger I thought that I wouldn’t need them anymore since my brother didn’t have any friends that only he can see. When I was ten years old my mother had moved us into an apartment and I was …show more content…
I would always feel as though if it wasn’t about the lesson I couldn’t hold up a good conversation so I sat back and observed. I observed that teens tend to “ throw shade” which means that they’ll insult each in a way that doesn’t sound like an very rude comment. Since I turned seventeen I’ve be told I have a very sharp tongue by those who are close to me. I let myself try new things and make friends that had my back as I their as we became friends or as we call it “squad” I got a little color back in my gray scene. I would be an improvement to Towson University because I would be my natural loving self I would always put my education first but then I would be fun loving , kind , superhero geek that I always was and always will be. Townson can help me reach the goal of helping and curing others, and helping them have a sound mental state. Recently I’ve been in the John’s Hopkins Nursing Program I’ve got my certification in CPR and AED administration. With the lessons we learned yesterday I learned that saving and helping people are hard it’s far from the normal but the feeling of helping is so liberating and thrilling that I wouldn’t can that up for the world