Dylan Parker Analysis

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Blinding white lights are flashing everywhere, and excited chatter and shouts fill the air. At the centre of this madness stand lifetime friends, Dylan Parker and James Norton. Both of them posing and smiling at the tens, possibly even hundreds of cameras and journalists. The duo also sport large grins and showing off perfectly crafted paper planes to the cameras. On this night, Dylan and James will be revealing the masterpiece that has taken years to create. Something that means everything to Dylan and that will kick-start his life into the next gear. They will be revealing a film inspired by an Australian Story episode and one that illustrations the pain and suffering that Dylan Parker has gone through to get his dream. A dream obstructed by many complications, a dream to find the meaning of life. All of these complications have arisen from one superior difficulty, a brain tumour. …show more content…
For him, you could say that the plane had fallen out of the sky. In the upcoming weeks, he had been hoping to compete in a national championship for paper plane throwing. That isn’t at all possible with a brain tumour the size of a golf ball. He had just had his 21st birthday and was, “Starting to get…headaches that were quite severe.” (Australian Story) At the time he had just thought, like anyone else would have, that he just needed a good night’s rest. But, “over a period of 4 or five weeks the headaches kept getting worse and worse”, “his father, who was a doctor, was ordering multiple” complicated “tests from afar to treat what was obviously much, much more than a simple headache.” (Australian Story) But they all held one simple conclusion, they had to cut the tumour