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Dylan M. Gerberding

502 E Prairie Street Cir. Castlewood, SD 57223 | 605-520-2917 | dg3078@k12.sd.us

Maintenance Technician, Castlewood Academy
This year will be helping Mr. Lather with Unified Special Olympics basketball
We also as a class before Christmas break did a community service project, me made Christmas cards Church
Help with senior high at PACH program-bagged goodies that went home with kids that needed them over the weekend
Vacation Bible School- for a week I helped out with acting out scenes of the bible with Pastor Terry Drew
Church dinner- Each year the senior high always has a soup dinner and that has helped me because it helps me talk to people/ get along with NESC
I have jump for the NESC Rockets polar plunge for three years, all money goes to our group into funds

Dog Training, Tbird Labs
Clean dog kennels to where I know they have a safe and clean area to be in
Trained dogs from all personalities
Fed dogs and birds which we used for training
Farm work, Theyn Angus
Help with feeding of the bulls and cows whenever they need help

2015 High School Diploma (Anticipated 2017), Castlewood High School GPA: 2.33 Courses: Enrichment, Sewing, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Geography, Spanish 1, Physical Science, Cabinet Making 1&2
Mr. Chris Lather
Special Education Teacher
Assistant Basketball Coach
Castlewood High