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Dynamic Characters in The Color Purple Throughout the movie, The Color Purple, there are many changes seen. Some of these changes happen with a certain character, usually in their attitudes and actions. One of the main characters that changes throughout the course of this movie is Celie. Celie starts off as a helpless little girl who is taken to be married by a man named “Mister” but towards the end of the movie she decides that it is about time she stood up for herself and she is happy she does. Celie started thinking and acting differently when she realized that everyone she loved had been taken away from her. When the movie begins, the audience is introduced to a young girl named Celie that is being raped by her father but has only ever told God. She is a helpless child who cannot defend herself against her father’s brute strength and as a result is physically abused and raped by him. She has two children during this time, both of which are taken from her before she could even form a connection with them. When mister takes her away to get married she lets him do whatever he wants because that’s what she has always been. She slowly grows a strong hatred for Mister because of the way he treats her and you can already tell that she is changing as a character. Throughout the time that Mister and Celie are together she grows an animosity towards him and becomes less accepting of his abusive behaviors. Once Mister’s family shows up for a big dinner with nettie, Mister becomes very abusive in his diction towards Celie. This is the final turning point when Celie’s