The Heated Conflict In A Slum Of Pakistan

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The Heated Conflict
By: Johnathan Askew In a Slum of Pakistan lived 3 families the Patel’s, Hassan’s, and the Tasman’s. The Tasman’s were the wealthiest and most well behaved. The Patel’s were more the middle class to the slums and sometimes ran into trouble. The Hassan’s are in poverty, and are constantly in trouble and causing fights in the neighborhood. One day a daughter of the Tasman family was walking home from school, when three boys from the Hassan family came out of nowhere and begin to harass the girl for money and such. The girl had tricked them with a riddle which read “What dries as it gets wet” the boys were baffled and no answer. The girl quickly scurried home to tell her family of the incident, and her mother asked the question as to what the answer was to her riddle and the daughter says clearly the answer was a towel. The following day the girl is walking home and the same thing is occurring, her father sees and comes outside. They all begin to argue and at one instance the father shoves one of the boys out of the way so they can go inside but the boy stands up wielding a gun. As he holds the father and daughter at gun point Mr. Patel comes outside to see what all the commotion is about, soon to discover this very heated predicament. He tries pleading with the young man to lower his weapon and let everyone go on with their business, but before Mr. Patel can finish his statement all you heard was a split second of silence then the roar of a