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Dynamics of Ethics Dynamics of Ethics refer to the business tool to determine what is right and wrong(study mode 2010). There are many issues that we encounter in our workplaces everyday, which may conflict with our moral beliefs. In the work place employees must abide by a code of conduct and or ethics, to protect the employees, people they serve, and the company. The way in which an organization or company is run is dependent upon the manner that the employees conduct themselves and how they view the ethics and conduct while working. I currently work for an assisted living facility that aids in the rehabilitation and long term care of elderly adults. There are many ethical issues that may arise with the facility mostly due to the condition of the facility. We are currently a one star facility which we received fro the state who comes in to determine if the facility is in running condition, with proper staff and care for the residents. However many family members do not realize the difference in car rendered. There are a total of two building with five separate wings who house different levels of elderly. One building is strictly for rehabilitation purposes and is the newest and most up to date building housing the most active senior adults. There is also a wing for long term rehabilitation in the main building, again more up to date and new. Then there is a high paying long term care wing in which the residents or their families pay personally and is again more up to date and new. However the last two wing are for long term care residents who's stay is paid for through the state or private insurances who do not pay as much. The difference between the wings is dramatic, and difficult. As a housekeeper I have to try to make the best of the situation by working on all the rooms equally. The ethical issue I encounter with the condition of the facility is that when family members visit the facility to determine if it is the right fit for their parents they are shown the nicer wings as appose to the older wings in which many of the residents may remain for the rest of their lives. Due to the issues that continue to arise because of the condition of the older rooms our corporate has finally agreed that the whole facility including the older long term stay wings need to be upgraded. This is a positive and ethical change because there should no longer be a visible difference in the care and environment of long term residence. Since I started at the facility I have been able to explain to supervisors and corporate how important an upgrade in our two low income wings would be. By upgrading the facility this dilemma should change. Many of our residents who stay long term are involved in the upgrades and remodel because they have complained and spoken with corporate so much that corporate does not have much of a choice but to remodel. In our nicer wings there is brand new hardwood floor but ib the long term low income wings the floor is a minimum of five years old, based on the condition of the rooms The changes taking place are not only because of the condition or the complaints of the facility, but because corporate has decided they do not want to settle for mediocre but instead would like to become a greater facility. That is also why the recently opened up our other building because they felt that having a short term rehabilitation building would be beneficial to the company as well as the residents who stay there. In the main building the majority is elderly where as the cottage or rehabilitation building is for elderly who are still Independent and just ned to rehabilitate from illness or injury. The desired out come is to have an un to date facility getting a