The Importance Of The Primary Purpose Of Schools

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From the students to the faculty and staff, the primary purpose of schools is the education of the student body. Every aspect of public school learning institutions is governed by local, state and federal laws and regulations. There are many federal laws in place that every school in the United States must adhere to. In the state of Texas we are very strict on school regulations and standards. A school can be shut down if it is not meeting the federal or state requirements. All schools should received proper funding to make sure they are meet all the regulation and standards that is required from the federal and state point of view.

Some school are location in what they consider to be bad area because the children make low grades on the test that count toward their district which is high consider in the amount of funding that school receives. If you compare the funds that are given to the schools that reach high scores on these tests they always received the funding they are suppose to get every year. When something is don’t attended to make sure that someone or something fail to go thought that not being ethical. All children should have the same opportunity offer to them just as much as other school. “The Federal Government monitors all Title I schools’ progress using their testing scores or Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). In North Carolina, AYP is determined by students’ scores on the End of Grade (EOGs) Tests. If schools do not make AYP, the government imposes sanctions on the school designed to improve student achievement and bring about AYP in subsequent years. Under Federal law, districts and schools must measure overall school improvement in addition to how particular subgroups (African America, Hispanic, Caucasian, Students with Disabilities, Limited English Proficiency, etc) are performing” ("Federal Requirements ", 1999).

Most schools in Texas believe in the mission that in collaboration with our community and parents, the mission of Texas Public Schools is to provide all students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and enables them to discover their interests and talents, pursue their goals and dreams, and succeed in college, in the workforce and as engaged citizens. School need their equipment to make sure that it ran the it suppose to be. We live in a day in age where everything you need you can find in online. If school does not provide their student with computer that can work it make it hard for them to research and learn everything they could while in school. If you give certain school their equipment and not other school. That would be legal issue that schools should bring up to the direct manger.
I’m strong believed in that no child should receive different treatment just because of what area of town they grown up in or base on the everyone else scores but their own. “No Child Left Behind is an act that was signed into law in 2002. This law is a refurbished version of the previous Elementary and Secondary act and it focuses on the obligations to students that public schools have. New testing requirements grew from this act that was intended to reduce achievement gaps among groups of students. In order for the new testing requirements to be effective, many other provisions are required such as budgetary and