Dysfunctionating Family In The Film, The Jarrett Family

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The Jarrett family takes on a monumental loss of Conrad’s brother at the beginning of the movie, starting a chain of dysfunctional attitudes and actions towards each other and also there is a large amount of depression. This is slowly tearing the family apart. The main character is Conrad Jarrett, and he was the only person with his brother when he died, so he blames himself for his brother dying during the boating accident. The father is Calvin Jarrett, and he is for most of the movie is the peace maker and is trying to keep everyone not mad at each other and is better at listening to other people than Beth Jarrett his wife and Calvin. Conrad Jarrett is the son and the main focus of the story and he is a very round character that changes a lot progressively as the movie goes on. At the beginning of the movie he attempts to take his life unsuccessfully, because of his self blame for his brother. He than goes on with life after seeming very depressed and holding his emotions inside of him. For example when he is in the car with his friends at the beginning of the movie his friends are all laughing and having a good time, while Conrad is just sitting in the back seat looking out the window with a sad look on his face. As …show more content…
An example of her letting her rage get the best of her is when she is talking to Calvin about going up to talk to Conrad and she yells at him for being easy on him. Also she is shown being quiet when Calvin says at the end he wants to divorce her and she does not say a word, she just has an emotionless face and walks off to start packing her bags. Beth was very bad at using her conflict management skills and if she used them more a lot of the problems and situations would not have happened and they might have not ended up getting