Dystopia and Lowry the Giver Essay

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Jonathan Williams-Estevez
Mrs. Kimball
English 8-6

The Giver by Lois Lowry The Giver by Lois Lowry is a science fiction novel. (Sci-fi means it’s from the future or time travel or advanced technology.) The sci-fi novel is about Jonas and the Giver (the two main characters of the novel.), the story is about when Jonas was an eleven he had a normal life (in the community's way) but when he turned to a twelve he got his assignment as being the new Receiver of Memories, because he has the sense to see from beyond and the previous giver is getting old and weak. * My theme is about how rules make some places a utopia but too many can make the utopia the into a dystopisa because of how all the rules the committee have are controlling the lives of the people. The Giver becomes the teacher of Jonas when he gets assigned to being the Receiver of Memories because the Giver was the last Receiver of Memories. When the Giver starts to transmits the memories to Jonas, he is not just giving him memories from the community but from the whole world when there were floods, starvation, poverty, and even war. When the Giver is giving Jonas those memories he is also giving him awareness, feelings like loss, sadness, and love. The community citizens unquestioningly follow the rules, because over time killing has become a regular part of their lives, the horrible actions they do, it doesn't emotionally upset them. Just as the Giver says of Jonas's father killing the lighter twin newborn “It’s what he was told to do, and he knows nothing else.”(lowry ) As Jonas is getting those feelings he is also starting to realize the perfect **utopia he calls home, is actually a ***dystopia because of the rules. The rules that the committee made was to make everyone the same because the people didn't/couldn't see color, they have to do what they're told to do or you were released and they didn't have feelings like love or sadness. One of the rules is that they have to use precise language (accurate language.) and when Jonas was little he said he was starving and he got smacked because the workers that worked there said that “He isn’t starving he’s hungry.” (lowry ) They also have a rule about your spouse. If you want one you will have to apply for one