Dystopia: Nineteen eighty-four and Hunger Games Essay example

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Dystopia I think that the Hunger Games has some of the characteristics to be a dystopian society, but some characteristics don’t. The fact that there is more freedom makes it different. It’s not where everyone is practically the same like it is in Pleasantville. People actually have emotion in the Hunger Games. When the capitol has command over a lot of thing that are normally done, you could say it is a Dystopia. Like in most Dystopian societies, you have no say in what the government wants to do. Social Values and Identity First of all, I believe that identity means how someone else sees another person’s reputation. In the Hunger Games, the Capitol never says it, but they have a cutthroat mentality. It show how you can be killed in an instant if you say something the capitol despises of. It also shows how they take the Hunger Games very seriously. They could care less about the competitors getting killed. All they care about is the entertainment that comes with it. In Animal Farm, they value “Four legs good, two legs bad.” They showed that by attacking the people who were invading animal Farm. What I would value in a government or president is someone who would back up what they were saying. Danger of a Single Story There are a lot of times were there is danger of a single story. For example, if I were to get in trouble, and one person saw me do it, and they think that the persons’ story is true right away without confirming it with me, that would be danger of a single story. Kind of like in the video we watched, people think because I’m from New Jersey, I should have an accent. Mostly because they see those TV shows about those uneducated people and think everyone is like that. Actually, I lived in a nice town with a lot people that are just like the people in Georgia. Propaganda Bullet 1 Propaganda is used a lot and effectively in Animal Farm. By the end of the book, the commandments were practically propaganda. Then, pretty much whenever Squealer would say something he would be trying to back up why doing the wrong thing is right. Of course, because they are uneducated animals, they will believe anything the leader and higher intelligence says. For example, squealer backed up and persuaded the animals why the pigs should get to wear a ribbon on Sunday even though it was a commandment not to. Squealer would always try to sell why it was alright for the pigs to do whatever it is