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May 18, 2015
Dystopian Chemistry Project Final Exam Essay
When mother said “leave those boys alone”, she wasn't kidding. Overpopulation is a fast growing issue now and in the future, and has become a global problem. It is the condition in where the population exceeds the available natural resources and leads to a decline in the quality of life.
There won't be enough room for each and every person, let alone resources.
resources such as space and food are only just a few of the minor problems that contribute to overpopulation. We, as the main contributors to overpopulation and its effects, can correct this problem. But what causes it, and what are the effects of overpopulation? It is like a huge domino effect, and people have created movies, books, and many other things to show how much of a problem it is because of its effects.

One movie that is related with the subject of overpopulation is “
.” The plot’s

story­line is a society that is divided between the mega­rich and the remaining population. The rich have many advantages and are really pampered while the remaining population are not as provided for. This minimizes the need for many resources and forces people to focus more on

what they consider as “important things” rather than the need to provide for everyone as if they’re equal.

Another movie that has come to show the causes of overpopulation is “

Divergent focuses on dividing a community up by factions, which typically describe an individual’s personality. Factors limit what clothes you need, what food you eat, and other things that reflect your lifestyle. The factors also isolate each faction into groups so all included have and need the same resources. The entire movie is basically a consequence of overpopulation, and dystopian related.

Dystopian related films can either show a consequence of what will happen if

overpopulation does occur, the bad effects of it, or how to prevent it.
In our case, with this big issue loaming overhead, there is one thing to turn to for answers for prevention: Chemistry. Chemistry can provide solutions for sterilization methods, cures for epidemics, loss of freshwater, and climate change caused by overpopulation.
There have been many controversial topics touched on to eliminate the effects of overpopulation, and eventually the topic itself. Data shows that India is soon to top the charts as the most populated area in the world with China as second. China started limiting the number of children to each couple; It was required to one child per family, now it is back up to two. This method is effective, but time consuming. Abortion is a touchy controversial topic, and as a result people spend more time talking about it rather than actually doing anything with it. These problems are less of an issue if actions are prevented.
As a solution to this, chemical productions have allowed much improvement on controlling the growing population. The chemical birth control pill has been around for a number

of years now, and as an effect been an addition to what is known as a “Material Science.”
Chemical advances can help with overpopulation through advances on birth control that are available and without awful side effects. Chemical scientists have used a combination of estrogen, progesterone, acetate, and norplant to make a combination of birth control pills, and have succeeded as one of the many inventions to a solution of overpopulation. Rape, as an example to the overpopulation problem, cannot really be prevented, but the consequences that come with it can be avoided with birth control. While so many people are unable to reproduce, there are so many more people that need homes. Chemistry can help with the production of more effective birth preventive methods. However, there's so