E*Trade Group Inc - All Matrix Analysis Essay

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1. Overview of E*Trade
2. History
3. Stocks
4. Stock Information
5. Goals and Objectives
6. The Two Divisions
a. Banking
b. Brokerage

7. Their Mission and Vision Statement
8. New Mission and Vision Statement
9. External Opportunities and Threats
a. EFE
10. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
a. IFE
b. CPM
11. Analysis
a. SWOT Matrix
12. Key Ratios
13. Different Strategies
14. Decisions
15. Implementation
16. Evaluation
17. References


E*Trade Financial Corp. or known as E*Trade Group Inc. (changed name later on) in an online brokerage firm that trades equities, keeps portfolios updated and obtains market information. It receives commission from each trade and offers
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New Vision Statement

To become the a leading and complete financial support and execution portal for individuals, by diversifying and offering every service you need in your financial life, with access to your accounts anytime, anywhere in the whole world.

Key External Factors

E*trades external opportunities and threats
External threats and external opportunities refer to economic, social, cultural, demographic, environmental, political, legal governmental, technological and competitive trends and events that could significantly benefit or harm the organization in the future.
The wireless revolution, population shifts, changing work values, increased competition with international companies, terrorism and diversifying the products and services are creating major threats and opportunities for E* Trade.


1. Commission revenues increased, declining volatile stock prices

2. Business’s turn to E*TRADE because of other unethical business’s, gaining customers

3. Stock markets have remained turbulent

4. Excited market overseas, slightly better

5. Expanded into new business’s

6. 2nd largest market share in the industry


1. U.S economy may fall back into recession

2. Lowered interest rates

3. Geopolitical fears

4. Numerous corporate scandals, investor confidence

5. Aggregate pretax profits, fell 33%