E- Ink Analysis Essay

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E-Ink Analysis

At an early stage, E Ink had a broad perspective and considered several market opportunities, both in emerging- and mature industries, as well as different business models, in which all leveraged their unique technology. In 1999, E Ink insured the protection of their technology by acquiring 26 patents, which protected them from other firms to replicate their technology. E-ink moved forward building up a team of high quality people and the rounds for fund-raise included investors with technology and media expertise beyond the financial corporate investors. (See Exhibit 2 from the case). E-ink partnership with Philips, which provided E Ink with the electronic expertise
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By the shift of 2009-2010, E Ink launched the 4th generation of electronic ink, which was the 8th generation considering several versions of both generation 2.5 and 3. E Ink’s technology had increasing performance and was climbing on the S-curve.[2]


Based on the SWOT analysis we see that E Ink has several strong strengths making them able to succeed. In addition, their technology would fit in several markets by several business model alternatives, both in emerging and mature markets. It is a major strength to have options too choose from. However, E-Ink faced core technical challenges; E Ink has proved that they and their partners are able to continuously develop the technological performance. E Ink’s partnership with Intel Capital strengthens their financial credibility and technological performance. One threat for E Ink is to become too diverse. On the other hand this threat also represents opportunities for E Ink since they has several opportunities. E Ink faces a potential threat by potential competitors in the paper like display opportunity. However; E Ink has established the dominant design and has the leading edged technology, far ahead on the s-curve compared to Sipix and Bridgestone. In addition, substitute products from CDT and Iridigm threaten the electronic ink technology. E Ink should see this as an opportunity by