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Specialist schools.
Describe the setting
Nature of provision and how they support children and their family with special needs

The bridge school.
The Bridge School is on Heath road in Ipswich, it is a local authority special school for children of all ages with severe, profound and complex learning difficulties. The needs of the pupils at the setting include a wide range of communication, physical, profound and multiple learning difficulties. All the children attending The Bridge School enter a learning environment in which everyone is equally valued, the children are the focus of all that is done in the school; their quality of education and their safety are the main priorities of the school.
The Bridge Schools supports children by: providing them with enjoyment throughout their learning, providing a challenging curriculum containing plenty of opportunities and experiences which enables the children to develop their skills and learning through achievement, celebrating and valuing the children’s achievements, and by working in close partnership with health, social services and other professionals in order to meet the whole needs of the children and their families. The Bridge School supports families as they promote a strong partnership between staff and families; parents/carers are invited into the school to see how their child gets on in the setting, to meet the class teachers, to meet members of the health team and to discuss their child’s progress at termly parents evenings. Annual reviews are held each year in order to review IEP, and to see how well the child is getting on. Each child has a home/school diary which is a useful way for messages to pass between home and school. Parents are also invited into school on several occasions throughout the year for special events.
Health care
Describe the setting
Nature of provision

Hospital – asthma specialist
Asthma is a long-term condition that cannot be cured however it can be treated effectively. Medicines are usually given by inhalers in a device that delivers medication directly into the lungs as you breathe in. It is an effective way to inhale the medicine so it gets straight into your bodies. Doctors, asthma nurses and pharmacists will explain and demonstrate how to use an inhaler correctly.
Social services
Describe the setting
Nature of provision

Social services.

Parent hub.
Parent hub offers children and their families free online parenting information and advice, Ideas about what you can do to support your children in collaboration with their routine at school, How to access specific individual support through our 'Parenting Programmes' and Other services/organisations that can provide answers to your parenting questions and support you to strengthen your whole family relationship.

Residential care and education

Describe the setting
Nature of provision (how they support the children and families)

Residential short breaks for children, Suffolk
There residential homes are fully accessible, well equipped and they provide a range of activities
Children can try new things, socialise and make friends while their parents can take some time off from providing care.
This residential home is for children and young children up to 18 years old with any special needs these can include dysphagia, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, physical impairments and learning difficulties.
The home will talk with the family and the child and find out what is important and how they need to be supported, and together the home will develop a support plan around what the family wants and focusing on what they like the child to achieve from the short break.