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Midterm Exam
Name_____________Eva Udris_________________
Student ID______________________________ 1. According to class discussion and the textbook, the law, “No Child Left Behind,” Will not affect teachers in secondary education
Will shorten the length of the school year
Will affect the lives of teachers every day
Relates only to teachers in a rural setting
Will go into effect after January 2009 2. A positive correlation between two factors indicates that the factors Are NOT necessarily related
Are strongly related
Decrease proportionally
Tend to increase and decrease together 3. What size or direction of correlation is likely to be obtained between a child’s age and the distance that they can long jump? Close to zero
Either +1.00
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Current beliefs about teaching the gifted Clearly favor acceleration over enrichment
Clearly favor enrichment over acceleration
View both acceleration and enrichment as beneficial
View neither acceleration nor enrichment as beneficial 29. Inclusion, as it relates to special education, means that students will Be included in regular classrooms for each activity in the daily routine of the school
Become involved in the development and implementation of his/her IEP
Demonstrate normal ability within his’her handicapping condition
Participate in the typical subject-matter lessons in the school’s regular classroom 30. Membership in what cultural group is the best predictor of cultural differences? Ethnicity
Social class 31. Dan enters the classroom, puts his foot in the wastebasket, and drags it around the room to the delight of his peers. When the teacher insists that Dan continue this same behavior every day, the teacher is attempting the use Negative reinforcement
Positive reinforcement

(5 points) List six issues students in a lower SES may encounter and how their academic life will be affected. • Poor prenatal care: If a child isn't given proper prenatal care there is a higher chance that they will not