EHR Affects The Clinical Nursing Practice: A Case Study

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How EHRs Affects the Clinical Nursing Practice

Electronic health record (EHR) has evolved in nursing practice and changed radically. It has

become an essential part of the nursing practice. EHR has also been promoted as a structure for

transforming nursing care, enabling nurses to function as knowledgeable workers with the

potential of making nursing care less stressful, more satisfying, more research-based, and

more visible (DeSalvo, 2013). By use the EHR will help the nursing staff in the hospital have

easy access to all the clients’ information. The EHR can also provide the alert for medical

reminders (Borycki et al., 2009). How nurse will view implementing and using an EHR varies

tremendously. Their computer skill will
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In my surgical department practice, the

EHR has improved patient outcomes due to unifying standards system. For example, when

entering the "blood bank view." the simple clinical guidelines show up. These prompts to

facilitate the available patient’s blood product information. When e-prescribing the drug name,

the system compels us with safety alerts such as drug-allergy interactions and drug-to-drug

interactions. The process just simplifies stopping antibiotic orders if it is conflicting with a

patient allergy drug. These are just some examples of the better patient care enabled by

committed providers who use EHRs (Jane & Effken, 2011).

I agree that the EHR system has its advantages, but also has its disadvantages. First of all,

even though the technology is available for an EHR, there remain several obstacles and barriers that institutions must overcome for successful implementation (Versel, 2014). The