ELT task 3 Essay

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A. Explain 1 listening strategy that would be incorporated into any lesson plan and that reinforces the use of listening skills.

On way to reinforce listening skills is by asking a series of question to students as they ‘re reading passages from their textbooks. This method will encourage students to pay attention in order to answer questions at any moment during the lesson. Therefore, one student can read a text aloud while the rest of the class is following along reading quietly. During this time the teacher can pose questions to random students regarding the passage that they just read. This method will require students to stay alert and following along in order to answer any specific question. Summarizing the lesson
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Listening and oral communication is important aspect of the development of language. We are expose to language though verbal communication. As young infants we began developing language by listening to adults speak and mimicking the sounds in order to communicate. Listening is the process in which sounds are decoded and understood. Whether its math, language arts, or science, listening is very important factor in a students learning. During a lesson, a student listens to the input from the teacher in order to discover new information and then converts into knowledge. When a student is unable to listen to new information then they will be unable to transfer into useful knowledge. Listening is important to students’ language skills. Students react to auditory stimuli’s. They take information from the stimulus into knowledge. Students listen to sounds and transfer the sounds in order to help them understand words. Listening is important to aspect of communicating. During language development individuals must be able to listen and speak. Students must be able to listen to information in order to facilitate their development of knowledge.
Therefore, students must be able to sound out words or form them based on hearing them. Listening is an integral aspect to a students learning. The more a student improves their listening skills the more they are developing and improving their language skills.