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Space Exploration: Why Bother?
English Composition II
Fawn vonFrohling
May 25, 2013

Space Exploration: Why Bother? It is unarguable that there are problems here on Earth. From terrorism to health care and the economy, America and the rest of the world have problems that need to be solved. While there are problems here on Earth, the United States should continue to fund space exploration because it contributes to national security, stimulates the economy and leads to further technological advancements. America cannot afford to stop exploring space in an effort to solve other problems. Instead the U.S. needs to take a look at how space exploration is already working to solve those other problems. According to Steven J.
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1). Yes, that is the same Russia that was once the Soviet Union and arch rival to the United States. Working together in space allows these participating countries to build partnerships and allies where they might not have on Earth. Improving America’s national security isn’t the only benefit to be gained from space exploration. In addition to improving the national security of the United States, space exploration will also support the economy both now and in the future. Because the economic impacts of space exploration is such a vast subject it will not be discussed at length. Instead, this argument will focus on how jobs are created by the exploration of space, how exploring space now keeps this section of the economy alive in the future, and where the money for space exploration is being spent. The exploration of space has spawned thousands of jobs and pumped billions of dollars into the American economy since the United States joined the space race in 1958. The majority of these jobs, according to Keith Cowing in an interview with Steven Dubner (2008), are “high paying, high tech positions” (para. 31). Prior to the decision that America would explore space, there wasn’t a need for an organization like NASA, so it didn’t exist. Once NASA was created, there were high tech jobs that needed to be filled in the fields of math, science, engineering and the newly formed field of astronautics. As the