ENG101: Information Literacy Research Activity?

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ENG 101 Research Paper Assignment

Write a six to eight page, 3rd person, argumentative essay based on a current controversial topic.
Choose a new argumentative topic or argue from the opposing side of your last essay.
If you choose a new topic, please complete another library blue worksheet titled “ENG101: Information Literacy Research Activity” to ensure the library has enough sources for your topic, and hand it in on Nov.23.

Follow the same Rogerian outline presented in class for the Argument essay. This paper is based on Chapters 20-22 in Strategies for Successful Writing and Chapters 59-66 in PHRG, so begin reading now, including the sample MLA Research Papers on pp. 448-462 in PHRG and on pp. 384-395 in SSW.


Use the colorful handouts Sue Andrus gave you in the library workshop to find a variety of sources on a topic. Books, journals, newspaper articles obtained through Tri-County’s library are acceptable sources; in fact, once you’ve chosen a topic or to help you choose a topic, search any of these series of books in Tri-County’s library by title: At Issue, Contemporary Issues Companion, Contemporary World Issues, Current Controversies, and Library in a Book and Taking Sides. The Opposing Viewpoints database can be helpful in researching a topic. Also, a long list of topics appears on pp. 13 and 29 in the Guide to English & Speech Courses at TCTC.

Your research must be based on six-eight authoritative, reputable, full text, peer reviewed sources.
You may use the same sources from your last essay, but you do not have to use them.

One source should be a reference to provide necessary background information in your introduction.
Two of the six sources must be primary. Primary sources may include government documents, speeches, original scientific studies, and interviews with experts (not interviews with friends or relatives).
See Ch. 60 in PHRG pp. 334-335 for more information about primary sources.

Choose sources with a publication date within the last ten years, including books, journals, articles from Tri-County Library’s online databases, and reference sources.
You are allowed to use ONLY one reputable website with a domain name of .edu, .gov, or .mil.
Do NOT use Wikipedia!


You need full text, peer reviewed sources in agreement with your opinion and in opposition to your opinion. Use the skills you learned from SearchPath Modules #1-6 and the Basics II Workshop with Sue Andrus, reference librarian, to find six-eight authoritative, reputable, full text, peer reviewed sources.

Remember to use an attribution tag to introduce quotations and paraphrases the first time a source is cited in your paper (See pp. 398-400 in PHRG.); also, use an explanatory statement immediately before or following all quotes and paraphrases (See p. 398 PHRG).

While you research, evaluate the articles you find before you decide to use them as sources for your essay.
Evaluate sources using my handout “How to Evaluate Published and Web Sources,” the library’s handout “Evaluating Resources,” and PHRG Ch. 62 pp. 357-368 “Evaluating Sources.”

You are required to make and keep an appointment in the Writing Center for this paper.

In addition to correct MLA parenthetical in-text citation and a Works Cited, all other requirements remain the same: MLA heading; last name with page #s, title; 1” margins; Times New Roman 12 point; double spacing; and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Due Dates

On Thursday, November 18, class meets in the library for research. Finalize your topic and find sources.

On Tuesday, November 23, a typed one full page introduction, including background on the topic, common ground, and a debatable thesis statement along with a complete, typed Works Cited are due; therefore, before class, read your sources, highlight important quotes, and discover the credentials of the authors of all sources.
Bring PHRG and copies of the sources you find in the library to class.
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