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Trust vs. Mistrust My parents met at Mississippi Valley State University and fell in love. I was born September 12, 1988 in Greenwood, MS at Greenwood Leflore Hospital. My parents were almost married two years. I was the fourth child, but the second from their union. My mom was the sickest when she was pregnant with me. She couldn’t hold anything down; her appetite was null and void. She basically was on my grandmother couch in misery those nine months. I was the first girl for my parents and my maternal grandparents. So I was given a lot of attention. My dad was in the Navy, so my first years were on the move. A few months after I was born we move to Jacksonville, Florida. My siblings at the time were four and one years old. From …show more content…
My parents seeing I had an interest in something and giving me the tools I needed help to gain some initiative.
Industry vs. Inferiority During this stage in my life, I was growing and developing into a pre-teen. Kindergarten and first grade was good. I made good grades. When I look back at some of my school work from that time, I noticed I had trouble with my p, b, d, g. I finally got the hang of things. Even if I was having a bad day I was still able to maintain my good grades. During this time I was very social. I really didn’t have a care in the world. I was a girl scout and I was beginning to love to read. I even was in the band for a short period of time. I played the flute. We moved and the school I was in didn’t have a band. My parents gave us different assignments to do after homework. We had quizzes, book reports, and different educational activities. At the time all I want to do was watch television. Not knowing or even care that this would help me in the future. It made me wants to learn more and research things for myself. It also brought out some competitiveness I had hidden deep down inside. I wanted to do better than my siblings. I wanted the highest grade in the class. I don’t recall ever wanting to fit in. I just did want I liked. I got along mostly everyone. During this time my mom was no longer a stay at home mom. I had more responsibility. I was starting to want to become my own person. I didn’t