EWRT 211 Reflective Essay

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Majority of students despise writing extensive papers because of the difficulty of the task, however through professors help, these task become easier with hard work and dedication. My journey in EWRT 211, pushed me into becoming an exceptional writer. In EWRT 211, the class made me focus on improving my introductory paragraphs, implementing my vast vocabulary, and providing strong evidence in my body paragraphs. EWRT 211 established a stable foundation for my writing abilities because of the intense hardwork and dedication I committed into becoming an excellent writer, however I believe it is time to promote myself into EWRT 1A.
My ample amount of vocabulary allows me to create visuals to my audience. Viewers and readers want to engage in your writing. A great way to connect with your readers is to use descriptive words to give a visual to your viewers. In my Out-of-Class essay titled “Into the Wild : Good or Bad?” I wrote, “The exceptional cast attracts the moviegoers with their ability to become the characters, allowing the audience to connect with them.”. The way I used various adjectives gave a bigger picture of what I am writing. If I used “The actors moved people with their acting.”, it would have
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In the Into the Wild essay, I address my thoughts on the book. I gave solid argument. “The notable components of creating a film, Into the Wild accede viewers to enjoy the film because of the exceptional cast and ingenious cinematography”. I stated my thesis statement saying that the movie will attract the viewers because the exceptional cast and ingenious cinematography. The thesis statement did not come out vague. I stated firmly that the movie will bring in moviegoers. People tend to create thesis statment that are often vague and ambiguous, however the thesis statement must state a stance of an argument to write more later in the