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arts in public school programs 1

How necessary are the arts in public school programs?

Jiacheng Liu
EAP 145
AMber McFetidge
January 25, 2013

arts in public school programs 2

How necessary are the arts in public school programs?

In school, there are many programs such as Mathematics, and Physical or
Science. In fact, not too much school has art programs and art class. Art is not important in public school programs, so how necessary are the arts in public school programs? However, arts is very helpful for students. There are several factors that shows the necessity of art in public school programs such as studying arts can open up people's visions and minds and promotes students to be successful, also arts can teach people how to express their emotions.
Studying arts can open up people's vision and minds. Learning arts can helps students improve their reading, cognitive abilities, critical thinking skills, make students thinking wildly. According to Smith (n.d.), a 2005 report by the Rand Corporation, arts can connect people more deeply to the world also arts can open them to a new ways of seeing. It change people’s mind and thinking, lead them to a new world. Arts not only help people’s thinking but also help people’s achievements . People use arts as a learning tool like musical note and incorporating arts into other programs creating an environment with arts and culture (Schnapp, 2009). Arts is very useful for students to open their minds and learning, in this case, arts is necessary in public school programs.
Despite opening up people's vision and minds, arts also promotes student to be successful. Students can learn many useful skills from arts like circle thinking. The
Education Fund (n.d.) states that Learning arts can influenced their students' self­image and increased their academic success in many area such as math, science and the language arts, arts stimulate creative expression and improve student’s

arts in public school programs 3

academic achievement so they can be successful. At the same time, arts teach students new ways to answer questions, if education minus art, it is a fails and unsuccessful education. Sometimes, only arts itself can answer some question, even everyday writing is a kind of arts that people use in their daily life and those skills also help students get a high achievements by study arts (Schnapp, 2009). It is very clear that studying arts is very helpful for students to be successful. Those are some positive impacts of have rts in public school programs.
In addition to promoting successful achievement, arts also have another advantage, Learning arts can teach students how to express their emotions. By learning arts students also can learn how to control their own mood. According to Evans (2009), a reach published in 2008 shows people that the the arts can train children’s attention, which in turn improves cognition, also the reache shows that students who study arts have a better control