Speech On Youth And Technology

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That’s it young lady, your grounded!No TV!No Computer!No Ipod!No Mobile Phone!”“But mum I can’t live without those things”If this conversation sounds familiar to you then you’ll know how it feels to thinkthat you are left with ‘nothing’.Well I believe that this is not entirely true.Good morning/afternoon Mrs Low and fellow classmates.The topic I have chosen to talk about is today’s youth ‘has it made’.I will be talking about 3 main points.#1- Today’s youth spends too much time with technology.#2- Choices.#3- They should consider themselves lucky.Point #1: Today’s youth spends too much time with technology.When you get home from school what do you do?Go over to your friend’s house and ride bikes until the sun goes down?Or come home, go straight to the TV or computer and stay on until your eyesstart to water.In the last 20 years technology has come very far and has become even morepopular to the youth of today.Instead of riding bikes, going for walks, getting fresh air or spending time withthe family they would rather waste the day on the computer, in front of the TVor having a phone stuck to their ear. Approx. 90% of youth use computers,59% of them are online.Some might call this an addiction. As technology grows, so does the addictionto use every new available piece. But do they rely on technology too much?Locked in a bedroom listening to an ipod all afternoon, sounds great doesn’tit? But day in, day out, how boring!With the world at their finger tips the youth of today have