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Earl Haig Is The Best High School in Toronto There are many public high school in Toronto, but there are some best and bad high schools. Earl Haig is one of the best school in Toronto. It located in 100 Princess Ave, North York. There are three main ideas that it makes Earl Haig is the best high school. The following ideas are best learning environment, a wide selection of courses and outstanding students' achievements. First of all, Earl Haig has a best learning environment. There are well-stocked library, art studio, drama studio and labs in Earl Haig. Library is the best place for students who work quietly. Additionally, Earl Haig has advanced technology, such as: computers, television and Smartboard. Canada is a multicultural country, so there are many students from different countries all over the world and students can learn different languages in school. Secondly, Earl Haig has a wide selection of courses. With students who is good at English, math and science that they can select enriched program in grade 9,10 and 11. Earl Haig also has some special needs program, such as: ESL, programs for learning disables and behaviour problems. There are some subjects that ESL A, B and C students can select in ESL program. In addition , Earl Haig is a art school, so there are a program called "Claude Watson Arts Programs". This program is for students who good at music, drama, art and dance. Lastly, Earl Haig has a outstanding students' achievements. Every year, there are a lot of academic a achievements in this…